Spouses of 1st Generation

1st Generation Spouses
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Helen Fry-Hartman, Loretta Fry, Erma Fry
(left to right)

2006 Fry Family Reunion
Jacksonville, FL

While we have made a valiant attempt to put a name to all faces, we are still missing some. If you can help us out, please send your information to the Administrator. Click on the small images to see a larger image (opens in a new window).

Verdell Fry Family
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Verdell Fry Family

Row 1: Tracy Verhines, Jacob Verhines in front of Jim Fry, Winonda Green, Heather Hanninen holding McKinley Hanninen
Row 2: Beverly Verhines, Laurianne Pressotto, Verdell Fry (seated), Suzanne Vasko, Dayna Ryske, Danielle Vasko
Row 3: Noelle Pressotto, Nathan Pressotto, Robert Allen Vasko, Alysen, Steve Vasko, Shirley Vasko, Wanda Vasko
Row 4: Jason Zykowski, Rachel Verhines on shoulders of Jamie Verhines, Phil Pressotto, Ryan Vasko, Scott Vasko, Eric Vasko, Sue Vasko

Aaron Walker Fry Family
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Aaron Fry Family

Row 1:  Abbigail Jarchow, Monica Sandy, Destinye Sandy, Erma Fry (seated), Alexandra Jarchow, Casey Fox
Row 2:  Justin Jarchow, Tonya Dunavin, Terry Gibbs, Jeanette Gibbs (holding Arica Gibbs), Beth Kenniv, Althea Fox
Row 3:  Yvette Fry, Sylvia Kenniv
Row 4:  David Kenniv, Bruce Fry, Jim Kenniv, Eric Fox

Bill Fry Family
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Bill Fry Family

Row 1:  Loretta Fry, Bill Fry
Row 2:  Billy Fry

Paul Fry Family
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Paul Fry Family

Row 1:  John Hartman, Helen Fry-Hartman
Row 2:  Kimberly Smith, Christina Fry, Chong Sun Fry, Greg Fry
Row 3: Jason Smith, Virgil and Celina Rhoman (John's daughter and her husband)

Ruby Fry Family
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Ruby (Fry) Barley Family

Row 1:  Deb Craft (friend)
Row 2:  Ruby (Fry) Barley, Barbara Angles
Row 3:  Ron Angles

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